Longrich Power Bank 10,000 MAH Original

19,000.00 12,999.00

  • Original power bank
  • 10,000 MAH
  • Lasts up to 72 Hours 
  • Charges your phone up to 5 times
  • High Quality

Are you looking for the best power banks to buy? Longrich power bank is the best in the market right now! There are hundreds of 10,000 MAH Power banks out there but in the real sense most of them are not up to 5000 MAH, if you want to buy a power bank that lasts up to 72 hours then you should consider this ORIGINAL power bank.


Longrich PowerBank the best ever in the Nigerian market currently! With Longrich’s 10,000mAh (miliamp/hour) power storage fully charged capacity, you can comfortably charge your mobile android phone or iPhone to 100% maximum. With our Longrich 21st century power bank, you are sure of charging your phone up to 6-8 times to full capacity which can last you up to 2weeks.


  • Prolong your business line
  • Keep your business online with Longrich Power Bank

You’d never get disappointed or risk cutting off communication because of low battery with the Power Bank, you have a new way to endless communications.


To enjoy Longrich Power Bank ensure you charge properly using good power supply preferably A/C (AlternatingCurrent) from nepa or good generator/inverter. A quality power bank doesn’t get drained on time.It should be designed to last for days.


With this power bank, what you see is what you get. 10,000 MAH means 10,000 MAH, you are getting value for your money. Now there will be no more down time for your phone.


Order now for only N12,999 with free shipping.



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